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Breaking: An Ancient Chinese Healing Method Reimagined For Modern Day...  

3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing

This Newest, Mind-Blowing, Ancient Chinese Emotional Healing From 2,000 Years Ago Is Helping People In 2021 Create Deep & Lasting Change In Their Inner Programming,
Melt Away Stress & Anxiety, Banish Emotional Pain & Traumatic Past, and
Rewires Their Brain For Awaken Clarity
… Are You Next?

In fact, formerly frustrated Peter Basho was able to live his wildest dream with the help of this different and unique emotional healing breakthrough that you’ve never heard of!

"Due to my Cerebral Palsy, I have had two surgeries and been in and out of physical therapy my entire life.

My doctors told me that when I would get older in my 20s, I would most likely be wheelchair bound.

I am now 29 and I’ve been running a 10k every day for the past 3 months. I am now squatting, curling my toes, balancing on one foot, doing things that I never thought in my wildest dreams would be possible for me to do.

I sincerely want to thank Dr. Jones from the bottom of my heart for forever changing my life and changing what I thought was possible.” 

Peter Basho

It’s The Key To Using The Human Deepest Mind Center To Alleviate Depression, Pain Management, And Stress So That You Can Free Yourself From Emotional Baggage And
Increase All The Vitality You Once Enjoyed!

2.75 Hours


October 19,2020


2.75 Hours


From: Dr. Steve G. Jones 

Re: Discover The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing Method To Experience Emotional Freedom
For the individual looking to rise above traumatic past, self-limiting beliefs, and unrealized success
Does it ever feel like you have much emotional junk that’s standing between you and the fulfilling life that you desire?
You have a stable job
But you’re constantly worrying about how to put good food on the table. And your financial goal looks like a far-fetched dream. 
Your health is doing okay
But you're always feeling rundown and find it hard to jumpstart feeling better. And you're constantly feeling nervous, restless or tense. It's like you're having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom. 
You’re surrounded by people you love
But you’re “emotionally absent” most of the time. You no longer experience the romance you once had, or yearn for something more real, or just wish you had deeper, more authentic relationships with your friends and family. 
Deep down in your heart...

You know that you’re holding yourself back from greater joy and success, but you can’t really tell what’s the root cause.

The majority of us spend our entire lives struggling with difficult memories, traumatic experiences, and emotional burdens.

And because of that, you are constantly feeling unconfident and less energetic.

It’s like waking up unwillingly and dragging your feet to work every day.

If you can’t remember the last time you were having that unlimited motivation to defeat impossible odds and achieve your goals, I’ve got good news for you.

The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing Discovered From Ancient Chinese Back In 2,000 Years Ago Can
Solve All Of The Above Once And For All 

In fact, it’s working like nothing I’ve seen before!

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with in that it allows you to let go of the weight you’ve been carrying for so long...

And allow you to perform at your best in any situation.
As you’ll see…

It is a simple yet powerful method that can be done...

❌ Without religious teachings and yoga postures
❌ Without self-isolation in a quiet place
❌ Without repeating useless positive thinking and affirmations
❌ Without audio tools such as Brainwave or Subliminal

This 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Code will…

✅ TURN OFF all your negative thoughts and find peace and mental clarity
✅ Give you laser-tight focus to break down your goals and achieve them one by one
✅ Make your confidence and energy soar like an eagle
✅ Experience deeper, more meaningful, and more fulfilling relationships

In fact, this unorthodox mental breakthrough that I am about to reveal to you...

Is the same method that I have taught to countless high-profile organizations and clients…

I’ve Been Featured On World-Renowned Publications Such As:

What Famous Celebrities & Influencers
Have To Say About Me:

“Steve G. Jones can make the difference”

“If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me. "

-Tom Mankiewicz
Writer of Superman the Movie

“Best in his field”

“I only work with the best and Dr. Steve G. Jones is without a doubt the best in his field.”

-Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank

“The success at Business Growth Group has a lot to do with you.”

“Being someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world."

-Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret
#1 Best Selling Author of “The Attractor Factor”

I Was Forced To Create The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping
Out Of Necessity...

I can still remember vividly…

The day when I shouted…

“That’s it! I’ve had enough already… My life’s over…”

It was as if my life was nothing but a cold, bitter, and wintry life.

I no longer had passion for anything. Love? Nah. Friendship? Forget about it. Career? Is that even in the equation?

I didn't even know how all these could happen to me...

You see… My mom died of leukemia when I was six. That was very upsetting for me.

I sort of went into my shell at that point and lacked self-confidence and motivation.

It really hurt me quite a bit.

Fear and anxiety started to set in… Everything seemed to be falling apart.

To say I was feeling ungrounded, unsafe, and insecure is an understatement.

I was constantly feeling emotionally intense, empty... and feeling like detaching from reality and those around you?


Why did others seem to have the "upper hand" in life while mine felt everything surrounding me just striped the joy and fullness in me?

I Was Unable To See Beyond My Own
Small Corner Of The World...

As if all the above wasn’t enough… My dad got remarried after that.

My step-mom came along when I was 10 years old, and they wanted me out of the house because the three of us weren't getting along very well together.

I didn't receive love in any of its forms! I even started to question my worthiness.

We had constant drama in the house.

And so they sent me to military school...

... and summer camp. 

And I was always sent for the longest possible time. I was sent for eight weeks. 

And then for three years in high school, I was sent away to military school for the entire year. So I sort of had what you could call a difficult upbringing.

I experienced different feelings of isolation or emotional distress....

... and basically feeling disconnected from everyone and everything.

I was spending my life struggling with various forms of self-sabotage - with no end or solution in sight!

In August Of 1982, I Had The Turning Point Of My Life,
And It’s Going To Give You Endless Joy And Success...

It wasn’t until one day in August of 1982, I stumbled upon a hypnosis book.

That was the defining moment of my life. I started using hypnosis on myself and saw tremendous improvement!

You know - I started to neutralize all the negative emotions that are interfering with the moment and strengthen interpersonal relationships with the people around me.

That was when I truly got unstuck and moved forward in life (for the first time!). But…

I quickly realized the remnants of those negative emotions lingered still…

They haunted me once in a while. It was like I didn't have a complete emotional and difficult memories release.

I had spent months and months trying to manifest a “better" and “meaningful” life.

I bought more self-help books but they didn’t seem to work.

I tried some guided meditation and positive affirmations I learned from YouTube.

But occasionally, I felt like I was back in square one... dead end after dead end.

Desperately trying to end the humiliating pain of manifesting nothing but scarcity in my relationships, in my identity, and in my own emotions...

I set out to find the real solution to this problem so that I can banish self-criticism and limiting beliefs once and for all.

I plunged myself headlong into the wide world of self-healing techniques.

Like Lewis & Clark exploring a new continent, I committed myself to wade through the murky water of self-help and self-healing, and find…

The Ultimate Self-Healing Technique That’s Effective & Powerful (Not Just Another Temporary
Feel-Good Technique)

After months of research and trying different healing techniques to find peace, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude so I can finally feel ‘at ease’ in my own life…

To my surprise, I couldn’t find a single technique that can help me find peace and balance whenever those negative emotions arise.

Nothing that can really help me get unstuck from the past traumatic experiences.

I lived with this disappointment for quite some time...

... During which time I started to hear more and more about how the ancient Chinese find peace and have amazing emotional health through their own practices.

The Ancient Chinese Long-Lost Healing Method Reimagined For Modern Day

The ancient Chinese use a technique called “Acupressure” to achieve longevity and maintain youthful vigor all year long.

During the “Acupressure” healing process, physical pressure is applied to specific points with the aim of clearing energy blockages in the body.

They use “Acupressure” tapping to feel fulfilled, happy and remain emotionally balanced throughout their long existence.

It corrects functional imbalances and restores the energy flow thus returning the body to a balanced well-being.

The ancient Chinese use “Acupressure” to free themselves of emotional pain so they can unburden themselves of the weight.

That’s their secret to better emotional health and live everyday energetically.

Flash! That’s When I Had This “AHA” Moment!

I utilized hypnosis to help me handle myself and my emotion initially…

But quickly realized that the remnants of those negative emotions lingered still. 

And now that I discovered how the ancient Chinese used “Acupressure” to eliminate negative emotions and live a life of passion, joy, and excitement…

So I started thinking…

“What if I combined Hypnosis and Acupressure to become an ultra-effective healing method that helps people banish negative emotions PERMANENTLY and feels vigorous & able-bodied?”

What if you have one healing method that allows you to have an overwhelming sense of joy or gratitude.

No more shackled down by negative emotions and heavy burdens…

No more cold, bitter, and wintry life.

And this one healing method can help you turn wailing into dancing and sorrow into joy.

What do you think you can achieve when you can finally get rid of the blocks standing between you and a more enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting life?

I mean, the possibilities are endless!

That’s When I Hatched This Healing Method Known As
The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing 

Before I reveal the 3 steps of Hypno-Tapping Healing to you...

I think it’s very important that you first know what you can expect from this 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing…

… because eventually you are going to LOVE IT AND USE IT EVERYDAY.

I've never felt so grounded and grateful after using it myself.

And I realized this eternal truth of who I really am… 

The same can happen to you too. It can transform your life inside out...

Helping you achieve a life beyond your wildest dreams.

So, with the 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing, you can...
1. Reconnect With Your Natural Energetic System
With this scientific approach, you'll be able to activate and accelerate emotional healing and communicate energetically with yourself and others.
2. Heal Traumatic Past and Emotional Burdens
Neutralize all the negative emotions, charges, and patterns that are affecting your soul and physical body, and let you see the beginnings of spring.
3. Develop Crystal-Clear Intuition
Tap into your alpha state of limitless intelligence, and harness it to reinforce new positive habits, thoughts, and emotions that shape you into the person you want to be.
4. Connect with Yourself More Intimately
Develop a far deeper understanding of who you are and arrive at a transformational stage where you’ll love and forgive yourself unconditionally.
5. Step Into A State Of Radiant Happiness
Shatters your energy blocks that keep you stuck in difficult memories and emotional burdens - and instead shift to your natural state of happiness, gratitude, love, and joy. It’s time to rekindle your passion for life and fuel your pursuits for love, professional success, and rewarding relationships.

When you have all of the 5 components above...

That’s When You Can Reprogram Your Mind For New Empowering Habits, Thoughts, And Emotions  

Yup! You heard me right!

When you're free from all the unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs...

Transforming your life becomes as easy and natural as breathing.

Because the 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing will start to empower your subconscious reprogramming so that it triggers new positive habits, thoughts, and emotions that shape you into the person you want to be.

Imagine you can beautifully align your thoughts and actions with your deepest desires, so everything you want in life manifests more quickly, smoothly, and easily.

That’s the reason why this 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing is A LOT MORE POWERFUL AND BETTER than all the self-help modalities out there.

Transformation Stories On Happiness

“The best life-changing decision I’ve ever made.”

"Listening to Dr. Steve’s hypnosis recordings has been without a doubt the best life-changing decision I’ve ever made..."

-Peter Basho

“Transformed my life and my business”

“Dr. Steve G. Jones work has transformed my life and my business. He has been my mentor and instructor over the pass few years...”

-DeCarlo A. Eskridge, Atlanta, Georgia
Author, Success Coach, Hypno-Therapist, and NLP Trainer

“Made profound changes in my life”

“I started listening to your audios and progressed from not being able to get a job anywhere to getting the exact job I wanted... "

-Shannon Hill

Now, of course, you may be asking yourself…

“Well, I can just buy a few books on hypnosis and learn some acupressure techniques from YouTube”

Here’s what I want you to understand.

There’s a wrong way of doing it, and then there’s the RIGHT way.

The only way I’ve seen it done with consistent success is the way I do it.

After all, no one has this healing method. It is a NEW and UNIQUE healing method that can only be found here… right on this page!


If you’re okay with making mistakes and going through trial-and-errors time and time again, that’s fine with me.

But if you want to receive greater abundance in all areas of life FAST, then it’s time for you to discover the 3-Steps Hypno-Tapping Healing:

Harmonize And Sanctify Yourself With 
3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing   

The Hypno-Tapping program guides you through my most-acclaimed, scientifically proven approach for creating deep and lasting change in your inner programming, and your life.
What you’ll experience has a profound impact on a cellular level: It triggers the creation of new empowering neural pathways in your mind.

They’re pathways for you to access to the Alpha Hypnotic Trance that only few know how to access at will... and rewires your brain for awaken clarity & intuition.

And get rid of unwanted energy at the same time..

... Which have serious implications on your health, emotions, relationships, finances and well-being.
Here are the 3 neurological steps of The Hypno-Tapping Healing:
Step 1: Access To The Alpha Hypnotic Trance
In this state, your fears, past traumas, unwanted external influences, and anxieties can be easily erased... giving you true freedom to design a life of abundant joy, fulfillment, and wellbeing. When you're in the Alpha Hypnotic Trance, transforming your life becomes as easy and natural as breathing.
Step 2: Tapping
You want to pull out the negative weed by tapping in a downward motion and incorporating negative pattern interruptions. This process triggers a profound transformation in your entire neurological system - causing you to think, feel, and perceive on a whole new level.
Step 3: The 9 Gamut
The 9 Gamut is the trans-termination phase. It is designed to catch and clean up any lingering negative emotions. This is where you’ll remove all the negative remnants, and start achieving your goals with far less resistance

Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Creator of
The 3-Steps Hypno-Tapping Healing

Dr. Steve G. Jones is America #1 Hypnosis expert, and a world-renowned personal development expert who has over 30 years of experience helping people create the lives they desire and deserve.

Throughout his career, he has coached an extensive client list of celebrities, influencers, political leaders and CEOs of the Fortune 500.

He uses Hypno-Tapping to help his clients resolve traumatic past, banish self-limiting beliefs, and expand their capacity for a life of abundant joy, fulfillment, and wellbeing.

The Hypno-Tapping presents an opportunity to experience Dr. Steve’s most acclaimed scientific method - To free yourself from all the emotional junk that’s standing between you and the fulfilling life that you desire.
The original Shark, Kevin Harrington, claimed Dr. Steve G. Jones to be the best in the hypnosis field.   
Dr. Steve G. Jones has been featured on countless TV shows 
as a special guest.

The Impact of Dr. Steve G. Jones On The World

“Steve G. Jones can make the difference”

“If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me. "

-Tom Mankiewicz
Writer of Superman the Movie

“Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy”

“WOW! No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!"

-Jeraldine Saunders
Creator the Love Boat TV series

“The success at Business Growth Group has a lot to do with you.”

“I’m just amazed at the bucket of everything we are taught and how it deeply it influences you. Most of us have no idea that unconscious conversation is happening. You have taught me... "

-Mike Besson
Former Vice President for Tony Robbins Breakthrough International

You’ll Have Emotional Stability, Self-realization, Happiness And Fulfillment, Making Room
Inner Peace 

Imagine what it’ll feel like to have the confidence in knowing, “Everything ALWAYS works out for me in a magnificently abundant way.”

It’s like you’re a lighthouse… radiating positivism, vibrant energy and inspiration to everyone you encounter.

Everywhere you go, others are drawn to your magical presence. The bottom line is…

The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing will work for you because this is the latest breakthrough in the emotional healing industry that suits the modern needs.

In fact, it has revolutionized the emotional healing game forever.

More importantly, it cleanses all self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious mind level.

You need The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing to shatter all negative emotions at the subconscious mind level to find instant relief.

You can see how The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing can let you experience feelings of compassion, new inner sensations, and a simple relaxation of mind almost instantly.

You’ll feel more in the “now” and worry less about the future. You’ll be in a state of peace and gentleness.


Instead of years slipping by…

You Now Have A Renewed Sense Of Purpose, And You Look At Life Through A Sacred Positive Lens

You won't have to feel “I don’t have the power within me to heal myself” or “I can’t change my relationship”...

The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing will help you go back to enjoying your life again, like you've always been meaning to…

Feeling enough positive energy to go hiking, fishing, or work in your garden…

Life is so much fun without all the frustration, agitation, and ‘the heat of the moment’!

By now, you see how and why The 3-Step Hypno-Tapping Healing is so effective at getting you unstuck at the past and helping you find peace and gratitude.

And you understand what makes it so powerful to let you feel ‘at ease’ and enjoy more of the beauty life has to offer.

And that's why today I want to give you the opportunity to put this transformational new healing method to work for you with a unique product called The Hypno-Tapping Healing Program.

Let me tell you what it will do for you, how quickly it will work, and everything you get today.

2.75 Hours


2.75 Hours


October 19,2020


2.75 Hours


What's In The Hypno-Tapping Program

The Hypno-Tapping Program is an easy-to-follow process for reprogramming your brain inner belief... and boost your energy frequency, gain freedom from emotional bondage, and restore imbalances in your mind, body, & spirit.

With 8 intensive modules, you’ll join Dr. Steve G. Jones in a series of simple 20 minutes daily sessions on how to perform the Hypno-Tapping with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

This is the closest thing to having Dr. Steve G. Jones, America's #1 Hypnosis expert, right there beside you, walking you through every step of the journey to create your own groundbreaking holistic healing system.
As a result, you will have an unbreakable connection with your spirit, unlock an inspiring life of passion and purpose, and rise from 10 years of homelessness to stratospheric levels of abundance, wealth, and success.

Forget about all the countless hours in therapy or thousands of dollars on other so-called treatments and solutions… Hypno-Tapping Program is the 2020 novel approach to break free from every internal struggle standing between you and limitless abundance.
Module 1: "Pre-Talk"
  • This is where you identify what's really going on in your head. This is not a disconnected cognitive observational type level, but with this unique approach of pre-talk, you’ll be in there feeling it, so you're focusing on what's going on and conveying the actual emotions to achieve maximum cleansing effect.
  • Highlights include: 
  • ✔ Acknowledge ‘old baggage’ in your mind that’s holding you back so you can make room for empowering new insights and beliefs. 
  • ✔ After the acknowledgement, your entire life will begin to transform faster than you could ever imagine. 
  • ✔ Too many people settle for subpar results, hence a mediocre life that's constantly limited by negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. The pre-talk will let you face these emotions boldly, and just like a Super Achiever, you'll feel excited to explore, grow, and challenge yourself.
Module 2: Induction
Module 3: Deepening (Alpha Hypnotic Trance)
Module 4: Tapping and Reciting
Module 5: The 9 Gamut

The last time, which was 13 February, 2020, people flew to Beverly Hills just to learn this from me one on one. And they were willing to pay $497 to learn Hypno-Tapping. Because it can help you heal deeply from past trauma and create such a beautiful positive momentum forward for you. 

Bonus To Supplement The Hypno-Tapping Program

My Long-Lost Full Mind Control Training At The Beverly Hills That's Worth $197… Yours For Free If You Invest In The Hypno-Tapping Program

The Full Mind Control Intensive Program Is Yours For Free When You Invest In Hypno-Tapping Program!

  • Elevated Meditation - Learn how to improve your meditation experiences so they can have a profound impact on your life.
  • Memory Enhancement – Here I’ll show you how you can improve your memory so you can recall valuable data whenever necessary
  • Elevated Learning Absorption – Here you’ll discover the secret to retaining any new found knowledge that you acquire so you can better leverage it in life.
  • ​Imagination Utilization – Learn how to use your imagination to make the impossible a reality.
  • Achieving Clarity – here I’ll not only show you how to achieve mental clarity but you will also minimize the one thing that compromises people’s health more than anything else.
  • ESP Development – Learn how to use your mind as an instrument of psychic power.

Transformation Stories On Happiness

“I’m blown away over everything. Every time we talk to you we learn new things”

“I started off in business probably 25 years ago, informally and started my first formal corporation about 15 years ago and I’ve been the consummate entrepreneur ever since...”

-Chris Steely
Former Vice President for Tony Robbins Breakthrough International

“A huge help”

“I have been listening to your Hypnosis for Alcohol and it’s been a huge help, and for this I wanted to take this time to thank you. It’s really a wonderful...”

-Aidan Parle

“Truly exceeded all expectations”

“I highly recommend the Life Coaching Certification program by Dr. Steve G. Jones! I have studied several different personal development programs by highly qualified leaders in the industry and Dr. Steve’s program...”

-Lisa Carbonara, Los Angeles, California

With the Hypno-Tapping Program at $497 value, and Full Mind Control Bonus at $197 value, that's a total value of $694!

Think about it like this:

Even at $694, if all the Hypno-Tapping Program and Full Mind Control Bonus did for you was to free you from stress, anxiety, unresolved past experiences and traumas, would it be worth it?

I would say… Yes, it would be worth it. You get to avoid missing out on opportunities because you weren't conscious enough to recognize them... Life is meant to be filled with abundance, unlimited options, and greater opportunities.

If all the Hypno-Tapping Program and Full Mind Control Bonus did for you was to let you be more sociable, would it be worth it?

Again, I would say… Yes, it would be worth it because you'll be radiating positivity and be that someone people turn to and like to talk to. You'll be the light of the lives of everyone you care about - your parents, kids, friends, colleagues, peers and neighbors.

If all the Hypno-Tapping Program and Full Mind Control Bonus did for you was to let you fully express yourself and not have to hide behind any masks, would it be worth it?

And again, I would say… absolutely yes, it would be worth it because it boosts your self-esteem and you will feel proud of your easygoing, energetic and optimistic personality. You'll value yourself even more. You'll see beauty everywhere you go and walk through life with only love in your heart.

But, today, when you become a founding member of the Hypno-Tapping Program, it isn't going to cost you $694. It's not even going to cost you $100.

Instead, today, when you join the Hypno-Tapping Program, you get access to everything:

  •  The complete Hypno-Tapping Program
  • ​Getting first-hand teaching and guidance from me, Dr. Steve G. Jones
  • ​ Program audios you can listen to anytime to help you heal and generate abundance in all areas of your life.
  • ​The complete Full Mind Control Bonus Program
  • ​ Lifetime Access to the Entire Hypno-Tapping Program and Full Mind Control Bonus Program
A total value of $694… for just one payment of $37. That’s over 90% off and a savings  of over $657! 

Basic Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program



Most Popular 90% Sales!

Basic + Advanced Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program + unlock the Advanced Hypno-Tapping to to easily awaken your true self, become a Highly Evolved Being, and be the source of change, impact, and character for your loved ones, family, and community. 



And here’s the thing…
You don’t even have to say yes today. All you have to say is “maybe” – and that’s because you can put the entire program (both the basic and basic + advanced) to the test, risk-free.

"Freedom Life" Money Back Guarantee.

When you enroll in the Hypno-Tapping Program, your entire investment is backed by our 60-day, 100% “Freedom Life” Money-Back Guarantee.

Try this modernized healing breakthrough for 60 days.

Go through everything and put it all to the test over the next 60 days.

You’ll rise above your emotional pain and take full control of your life, and you’ll see that Hypno-Tapping Program is more effective than other healing programs you’ve tried in the past…

Or you can simply send us an email and you’ll get a complete refund of every penny.

No questions asked.

Go ahead… Click the button below to enroll in the Hypno-Tapping Program now. You either get rid of bad memories or feelings and take more control over your own mind and life… or it costs you nothing.

There’s no need for you to continue feeling powerless due to previous traumatic experiences.

There’s no need for you to struggle to have good relationships with the people around you. You’ll realize how easy it is to make space for forgiveness and gratitude.

You can change all of that today with the Hypno-Tapping Program.

Go ahead… Click the button below to enroll now.

Basic Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program



Most Popular

Basic + Advanced Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program + unlock the Advanced Hypno-Tapping to to easily awaken your true self, become a Highly Evolved Being, and be the source of change, impact, and character for your loved ones, family, and community. 



Please understand the difference between someone who moves forward in life and blossoms into the person they were always meant to become vs. someone who’s always troubled by old painful chapters of their life…

Well, there are two variables at play here: length of time and utilization of time.

Length of time – No one can change this variable. You can’t create more than 24 hours in a day.

Every person has the same 24 hours in the day. So, what are you left with?

Utilization of time.

This is the difference between someone who moves forward in life and blossoms into the person they were always meant to become vs. someone who’s always troubled by old painful chapters of their life!

People that were able to heal themselves from negative emotions and march forward in life didn’t have 26 hours a day, or extra days in a year.

They were just smarter at utilizing a few minutes everyday to shatter tough memories & emotions so they can create more rewarding and memorable experiences every day.

Really, that’s it!

You don’t want to soak yourself in negative emotions and let days, months, and years slip through your fingers.

If you want to unburden yourself from fear, worry, anxiety, and the daily doom and gloom that hovers over you, you need the Hypno-Tapping Healing Program.

After all, what do you have to lose? You’re 100% safe in our “Freedom Life” money-back guarantee.

Either you’re experiencing more peace, quiet, and calm in your life, or I’ll refund every single penny you paid for the Hypno-Tapping Healing Program.

So, if you want it, now is the time to act.

Go ahead… Click the button below to enroll in the Hypno-Tapping Healing Program right now.

Basic Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program



Most Popular

Basic + Advanced Collection

Hypno-Tapping Program + unlock the Advanced Hypno-Tapping to to easily awaken your true self, become a Highly Evolved Being, and be the source of change, impact, and character for your loved ones, family, and community. 



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